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Terminal - Mac

Basic settings

Open Terminal - Applications/Utilities/ - drag into Dock - open
Go Terminal > Preferences > Settings > Text > Profiles > Homebrew Setup

Terminal window name is: Desktop - bash - 77x51 - ⌘1
Tab name is: bash
Monitor should show:
Last login: Thu Apr 25 12:49:33 on console
feroniba-ramin-hassani-macbook-pro:/ Feroniba$ - (showing your name)

If monitor line shows:
noname:Feroniba$ - Go System Preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing: Off - Allow access for: All users - Computer Name: (Enter your name: Feroniba-Ramin-Hassani-MacBook-Pro - go edit - check that you read the same name - press ok - restart your mac - open Terminal: you should display now: feroniba-ramin-hassani-macbook-pro:/ Feroniba$ - (showing your name)

clear - makes Terminal show your line as the only one

whoami - shows user name

Write files with spaces as "a b" etc.

history - shows mumbered history of all entries
history -c - clears history

Use cursor keys up and down to switch between your commands

cd - change directory - default is home - cd Desktop etc. - always write first cd - then press enter - repeat writing cd and add name of new directory: cd Desktop etc.
cd .. - back directory
cd / - gets to root directory

pwd - print working directory - prints path

cat - concatenate and print (display) content of file

su - changes user, enter password

python - enters python
exit () - or control d - exits python etc.
exit - exits all ...

ls - list information about file - shows by default home directory

mkdir - make directory - create new folder
rmdir - remove directory - removes folder, not file!

nano - simple text editor > write text, control x exits, give file name, enter - file saved
rm - removes file - not folder!

open - open file/folder/URL/Application

kill - stop process from running

echo - display text on Terminal screen

info - help info

sudo shutdown -r now - restart mac ?
suco shtdown -h now - shutdown mac ? An A-Z Index of the Apple OS X command line

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